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The Interwebz is a Toronto-based organization that provides disadvantaged youth opportunities to develop skills around interactive media and game development through workshops and mentorship.


Teaching kids coding and game design skills helps open opportunities for them. And teaching these skills to diverse youth helps ultimately transform the digital media industry for the better.

By equipping youth with the necessary soft and hard skills needed for the interactive media industry, they will have the great opportunity to fully realize their potential.

Through free workshops, collaboration and team-building sessions, and networking events, we strive to accomplish two substantial feats:

Personal Skills Development

We foster and nurture necessary interactive media skills for those who aspire to be game developers or those who simply want to discover a world unknown.

By sharing tips and tricks relevant to a fast-growing industry, our students will have marketable skills and be able to expand their opportunities for jobs and entrepreneurship.

Industry-Wide Transformation

There's a widely known lack of diversity in Toronto’s digital media sector. By providing opportunities for disadvantaged youth, we deal with the "pipeline" problem by ensuring that individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds are able to join the industry and become thought leaders.

Workshops and Services

We offer a variety of workshops and engagements

The Spark

3-Hour Introductory Class

Skill Level: Beginner

In order to inspire and motivate youth, we wanted to show that in just 3 hours it is possible to create exciting games and explore a whole range of possibilities to spark their inner creativity.

The workshop is divided into three parts:

  1. Introduction To the World Of Gaming and Game Development
  2. Table Top Game Design
  3. Collaborate and Create

Through these 3 sections we will explore what it takes to build an interesting level with the themes, concepts, and practical tools found in gaming engines like Unity.


2-Day Workshop Series

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Over the course of 2 days, our team introduces key game development fundamentals and practical hands-on knowledge that will serve as a ‘launching-pad’ for our students’ to start their own creations.

Our goal is for at the end of the gameaton is for students to have real working knowledge on how to use game engines, code, and create fun/ inspiring games.

Over the course of two days we will teach students:

  • The fundamentals of game design and programming
  • The basic Unity features
  • The fundamentals of C# (C Sharp) development and coding
  • How to differentiate your game.

Game Development 101

Month-Long Workshop Series

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Over the course of a month, our team thoroughly explores the key concepts surrounding game development and design. Excitingly, while learning these fundamental skills, our students also build a workable game that they can then go to market with.

The workshop runs 3 times a week for 4 weeks, totaling to 12, 3-hour courses. However, throughout this time we also host ‘open sessions’ where the students may come in with questions or use the time to work on their big project.


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Laura Armenio

Co-Founder & Chief Communications Officer

Laura Armenio is a recent graduate from York University and completed a Specialized Honors B.A in International Development Studies. As of September, she will begin a Development Studies Master’s Degree and will explore the Business Case for Social Justice and Ethical Consumerism.

At York University, she was Co-President of Amnesty International for the 2014/2015 school year and journeyed to Thailand and as a student field researcher engaged in rural development projects.

For the 2015/2016 school year, she has been elected as a representative on York University’s Senate and Academic Policy, Planning and Research Committee, while also maintaining her standing as a member of the Dean’s Circle of Student Scholars and Golden Key.

From the 2014 to 2016 school year, she interned as a Research Assistant at the Canadian Centre of Diversity and Inclusion and co-authored Canada’s 1st Benchmarking Study on Supplier Diversity while managing Canada’s largest Diversity and Inclusion knowledge repository.

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Josh Vincent

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Josh Vincent is currently completing his B.A. in Political Science, he entered university through the Transitionary Year Program (TYP) and went on to be part of various clubs on campus.

At York University, he was co-founder of the club YUnite; which provides a chance for segmented clubs on campus to collaborate and exchange important ideas while also being a key member of Student Council of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies as a councilor (SCOLAPS).

At the university he also served as a peer mentor to other TYP students while also serving as the Marketing Director for Amnesty International @ York.

Within Interwebz, Josh is a workshop facilitator and project coordinator. He is involved in the project because of his interest in economic development and technology as well as experience and interest in the creation of digital media projects.

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Elden D’Costa

Co-Founder & Chief Technological Officer

Elden D’Costa, is currently completing his Honors B.A. in Financial Management at Ryerson University and works with The Interwebz as the group’s Chief Technological Officer. In addition, he recently completed a certificate in Business Management at Ryerson University.

Through his extensive research and education, Elden keeps our group at the forefront of Toronto’s digital gaming sector and with Canadian entrepreneurial trends.

Furthermore, he develops teachable mobile games and digital art lessons from scratch that can be presented to students during The Interwebz’s workshops.

Importantly, his business insights and in-depth knowledge of the programming sector is key to the success of The Interwebz.

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